Licenza Pilota di Linea - ATPL (H) frozen - parte teorica

You set the pace towards your future

This programme will get you to an ATPL through what is commonly called the Modular pathway. This means that your training progresses through a series of modules in distance-learning. In this way you can learning as whenever it works best for you provided you do it in the right order. Each module will be a step forward on your training schedule but you don’t need to commit to take all of them at once. This way you can advance on your own schedule, allowing to undertake other activities while you build your aviation career.

Entry Requirements

Aeronautical Medical Certificate Class I + valid PPL-H or CPL-H license


Familiarization course lev. 1

In accordance with ENAC rules Eurotech is approved for familiarization courses Level I.

The courses are valid for the technical staff who requires familiarization on the aircarfts and people responsible for: ARS, CAMO PH, Quality Managers Part 145, Part M, Part 147, Part 145 Maintenance Managers, Training and Examination managers Part 147. The courses do not qualify for AML.



Other courses

Eurotech organizes familiarization courses on AS350 helicopters, and SA315B Robinson R22 and R44.

In order to spread the culture of monitoring, analysis and resolution of vibration, Eurotech has developed a course on the theory and practice of vibration.

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